The Maude Foundation

Maude Leadership Lecture Series

Beginning in January of 2007, the Maude Foundation began hosting the Maude Leadership Lecture Series at the Soldier Support Institute at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.

The mission of the Lecture Series is to provide students with increased opportunities to enhance their leadership skills and classroom training by engaging with current and former leaders of the Army. The Lecture Series will be offered several times during the academic year as best fits the curricula and schedule of the Soldier Support Institute.

The Green to Gold Program

The Maude Foundation currently provides financial assistance to soldiers participating in the Army's Green to Gold program. Financial grants are awarded to soldiers to assist in meeting their everyday expenditures that are not part of their ROTC scholarship.  The Foundation distributes two awards each year.

The Green to Gold program began in 1986 with a partnership between Army Education Centers and Cadet Command, which is responsible for the Army's Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). This alliance sought out enlisted soldiers with leadership potential who wished information on college ROTC opportunities. The program allows soldiers the opportunity to earn a commission through ROTC participation. For more information on the Green to Gold Program please visit the Cadet Command website at

Past Green to Gold Maude Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Cadet Michael Bourgeois, Columbus State University.

Cadet Angelena Garland, Norfolk State University.

Cadet Loren Gish, Texas Tech University.

Cadet Emily Otto, Texas A&M University.

Cadet Shiva Thapa, Pacific Lutheran University.

Cadet Ryan Borden, University of Texas at San Antonio.

Cadet Norman Holcomb, Cameron University.

Cadet Jamel Holt, Cameron University.

Cadet Brian Kirsch, Georgia Regents University.

Cadet Gloria Kyeimensah, University of Maryland.

Cadet Mark Collins, Wayland Baptist University.

Cadet Nathan Erdman, Georgetown University.

Cadet Stephen Smallwood, Clemson University.

Cadet Joseph Andre, University of Texas San Antonio.

Cadet Christopher Brown, University of Texas San Antonio.

Cadet Ryan Hollist, University of Texas San Antonio.

Cadet Patrick Anderson, University of Texas San Antonio.

Cadet Bryan Lunn, University of Texas San Antonio.

Cadet Sara Peters, Iowa State University.

Cadet Michael Postoak, Cameron University.

Cadet Charles C. Deem, Georgia Southern University.

Cadet Craig A. Overholt, Georgia Southern University.

Additional recipients: Cadet Tobias C. Alexander, Cameron University; Cadet Tristan W. Rowe, Western Illinois University; Cadet Jonathan K. Sheehan, Texas Christian University; Cadet Kelvin T. Tooke, Syracuse University

Cadet Edward J. Hurley, Cameron University.

Cadet Justin N. Westbrook, Clarkson University.

Additional recipients: Cadet Joseph A. Barber, University of Texas at San Antonio; Cadet Megan E. Breen, Western Illinois University; Cadet Jennifer L. House, University of Texas at San Antonio; Cadet Daven W. Moore, Cameron University; Cadet Daniel C. Oberrender, Cameron University; Cadet Justin L. Rhodes, Cameron University; Cadet Michael A. Roberts, Cameron University; Cadet Joshua M. Thurman, Fort Valley State University.

Cadet James Sanders, State University of New York at Potsdam.

Cadet Dustin Ramatowski, Cameron University.

Cadet Derik A. Cadavid, Cameron University.

Cadet Clint H. Mitchell, Syracuse University.

Cadet Clarence J. Price, Cameron University.

Cadet Sean C. Sheppard, University of Colorado.

Cadet Nathalie Andrew-Moreno, Cameron University.

Cadet Matthew Finnie, Cameron Univeristy .

Cadet William J. Wilson,, Indiana State University.

Cadet Leonard R. Jensen,, Westminster College.